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Vibrant And Unique Bedroom Color Ideas

If you want to add some color and vibrance in your room you need to try these bedroom color ideas. These days dewy pastel shades or popping vibrant colors are very popular. Your bedroom reflects your personality and the colors used sets your mood. every color has its own personality, if you want serenity and peace in your surroundings you could choose neutral tones and pastel shades. For cozy and comfortable surroundings you may choose darker tones or shades.

you can draw inspiration from right outside your window. The green color of leaves, grays of cloudy sky or deep blue tones of clear sky you could bring them inside your personal space. Browns and deeper tones could be used to bring the feel of deep woods in your bedroom. In this bedroom space deep mossy green painted walls gives the feel of freshness of leaves and to contrast the shades on the wall crisp white tones used in bed sheets and paintings complete the classic nature inspired palette.

If you want to feel energized and good vibes every morning, then this eclectic shade of vibrant yellow is for you. You can bring the vibrance of sunshine in your room by choosing bright shades of yellow like mustard and lemon yellow. This high gloss and well painted wall brings a lot of positive energy in the room and to contrast this shade you can use neutral tones so as to let this wall pop in its own element. This shade is perfect for the room which gets ample of sunlight and is properly lit during the night otherwise this shade will not be so impressing.

If you want to experience luxury and a touch of richness in your personal space you should use materials like silk and velvet for decorating. Use of neutral tones like grays and whites, you can imbibe the feel of serenity and calmness along with giving the space a rich feeling. Also it should be noted that use of neutral tones everywhere could make the space dull and boring, so to bring in some colors you could use shades like pumpkin orange and marine blue. A little tinge of color will help in accentuating your neutral space.

for a romantic silhouette  shades of  pink, ivory ,wine and purple are perfect. Such pastel and cool toned colors bring calmness and peacefulness in ambiance. Deep  tones of purple and wine could be contrasted with light shades like ivory to create a perfect balance in aesthetic appeal of colors. Further you could also use wooden tables and cupboards in your room for a cozy feel. The wooden texture will totally compliment pastel and ivory shades. A rustic brick wall would be perfect for some earthen touch also it will completely ace up your space.


Vibrant And Unique Bedroom Color Ideas
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