DIY Kitchen Garden, grow your own fresh and healthy herbs

Most people love to grow plants and trees in their garden but how great it would be if you could grow your own herbs and veggies in your kitchen. You can upcycle herbs and left over vegetables to regrow them in your own kitchen. This way you can enjoy freshly grown vegetables and herbs in a completely organic way.

herbs like coriander,basil,mint,oregano etc. can be grown easily in your kitchen and this way you can have access to these fresh herbs in any time of the year. This is a hassle -free and an economical way of growing your own supplies as you’ll not have to keep buying those low quality and non-organic produces from the grocery store.

Benefits of having your own kitchen garden

growing your own herbs is a great culinary experience along with its convenience. If you love cooking you must be familiar with this issue, Some herbs are not available throughout the year and some are not available in your area and not to forget the low quality produce of your nearest supermarket. So why not grow your favourite herbs and vegetables in your own kitchen!

Tips to grow herbs and vegetables indoors

1. use plastic bottles to grow small herbs

herbs like coriander, mint,thyme ,basil and sage could be easily grown in small spaces. you can create your plastic pots to grow them in your kitchen. All you need is to cut the top portion of plastic bottles and use the bottom portion for growing, also add few holes at the bottom for the roots to breathe. You can up-cycle the roots of these herbs and plant them directly into the plastic bottles.

2. A little sunlight and right soil is all you’ll need

giving the right amount of sunlight and water is the key to grow good quality produce. You should create your kitchen garden in a area which gets plenty of sunlight during the day. The best way to achieve this is to grow plants in a properly ventilated region such as near the window. Also you need to choose good variety of soil to grow these plants, you can create your DIY mixture by adding some organic perlite into high quality potting soil.

3. Provide good air circulation and right temperature

you have to take care of these plans on a daily basis if you need a good produce. Plants should be kept in a good ventilated atmosphere and there should be proper air circulation . Pots should not be kept too close to each other otherwise they won’t receive proper air flow and it will cause spreading of plant diseases. After managing the air and ventilation for these herbs you also need to maintain proper temperature. the ideal temperature for these herbs should be between 60-70 degrees.

4. Plant each one of them in a separate pot/container

even if you are trying to manage space while planting herbs, you should never plant many herbs into a single container. Always plant herbs and plants into separate containers.  specially when you are planting herbs indoors, growing them separately gives you the most flexibility. This way every plant gets the required amount of light, water and minerals which they require. Growing them together in the same container increases the chances of contamination by pests.

As you can see its so convenient to have your own kitchen garden and growing herbs and veggies organically have their own health benefits, So why not follow these tips and create your own kitchen garden today!

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